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Dear Customers:  Although the strike has ended, we are still experiencing parts shortages due to the backlog of GM parts shipments. Please note that shipping will take longer for parts that we are out of. If you have any questions, please email us for availability before you order. Thank you.

OEM Hummer Parts and Accessories

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GM created Hummer as a military-grade vehicle which was later transitioned into a family SUV. The creation of the Hummer H1 was based off the original Humvee platform which made it attractive for the outdoorsy type of driver seeking off-road reliability and durability within heavy horsepower.

Later Hummer models like the H2 and H3 were smaller versions that catered to the suburban or city drivers looking for a versatile SUV. Though the Hummer was discontinued in 2010, and rebirthed as an EV in 2022, Hummer owners depend on the high-quality OEM parts for replacements and repairs. If you own a Hummer and require engine parts or accessories, you're sure to find your match inside our online GM parts store.

Finding the Right Fitted Hummer Parts the Easy Way

When it comes to hunting Hummer parts online, our GM parts catalog has you covered. We provide Hummer parts for a wide range of trims and model years. Find the match to your replacement needs with replacement parts such as oil filters, spark plugs, and several different types of accessories. We have the items you need and after you place your order, you'll get what you need quick!

Locating OEM Hummer Replacement Parts Online

Hummer parts by the manufacturer are the way to go when choosing replacements. Don’t risk ungenuine auto parts with the aftermarket label. You save money when shopping with us because our parts are marked below the MSRP. We ship nationwide too so get your parts fast. If you come across any Hummer parts questions, reach out to our team on our contact page.

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